The year is 2011. The moustache is back. Yes people, you read it correctly, the Mo, the Tash, the Soup Strainer has returned. No longer is the hairy upper lip only for the likes of Groucho Marx, Ron Burgandy, and Ned Flanders. Fashionistas of the world are embracing the moustache, (usually men…..usually).

Scour the grounds of any music festival, and young men can soon be spotted, wearing fluorescent clothing not even welding goggles can protect against, pants which are clearly opposed to any form of elastic around the waist, and the traces of finely groomed tash!

It’s little wonder the lads of today are getting into it, celebrities are showing us the way! I’ve compiled a nice little collection of tashed-up men, which may justify the tash to many skeptical partners around the world.

So fellas….let’s see some growth out and about, don’t be shy, this is one thing we still got over Beiber!