Danni Minogue wearing Antoine + Stanley heels :)


Arm ‘K’andy

My business partner Tabs and I met over handbags – Tabitha’s signature bag collection to be precise (many pieces from which have a place on my arm and in my closet) and we’ve always dreamt of designing a piece of ‘arm candy’ for Project D.

So, when Kenco Millicano approached us to collaborate with them on a one-off limited edition designer handbag, we didn’t hesitate for a second. As with everything Tabs and I design it was all about wanting to make the best product, but designing something we love and can’t live without!!! As working Mums, the answer in this case was a handbag that suits busy girls with busy lives who need to cram all the day-to-day essentials into a super-stylish piece that can move effortlessly from day to night. No tall order then!

What we’ve come up with is the K Bag. A fabulously hot (can you hear us ooh and ahh), fabulously functional (tick), black snakeskin effect leather and metal studded bag. Our design has a detachable mini bag that can be used to transfer your essentials to another bag or can work as a stand-alone envelope-style clutch and it even contains a special compartment for your Kenco Millicano coffee travel sachet!

Retailing at £250 (all profits from the sale of the K-Bag will go to a good cause) our bag went live at my-wardrobe.com yesterday and will be availablefor one month only. Tabs and I are hoping it’s going to become one of this season’s accessory must-have and we keep wondering whose arm we’ll see it on…will it be yours?

The K Bag is limited edition. Only 300 have been made and each one comes with a unique serial number (as we all love to feel special). Tabs and I fought over who would get number one, so in the end we decided neither of us would. It’s down to the luck of the draw, it’s up for grabs on my-wardrobe and it could be you who buys Numero Uno (be sure to tweet us @ProjectDOnline if it is you!!!

Update March 29, 2012: The first batch of KBags is sold out at my-wardrobe - more in stock on Tuesday. In the meantime add one to your my-wardrobe ‘wish list’ by clicking the button on the page. 

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